Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to calculate soy wax burn time for candles.

There is the general rule, for every ounce of soy wax you can calculate about 10 hours burn time.This only applies to soy wax, because we all know all waxes burn differently.

How do I calculate the burn time of candles? This method can be applied to all types of waxes.

Before you light the candle, use a scale to weigh it. Once you have the original weight trim the wick and light the candle, letting it burn for four hours. When the four hours are up blow it out, let it cool, and weigh it again. Subtract the weight after the burn cycle from the original weight and divide by the number of hours. The number you end up with is your hourly burn rate.

Once you have the hourly burn rate divide the weight of the whole candle* by the hourly rate and you end up with the number of hours your candle will burn.
Amount Consumed (Original wt. - wt. After Burning) ÷ Hours Burnt = Hourly Burn Rate Original wt. (minus wt. of container) ÷ Hourly Burn Rate = Approximate Burn Time
  • If you are testing a container candle make sure to subtract the weight of the container from the weight of the whole candle before dividing by your hourly rate.
  • Ounces work fine for calculating the burn rate but if your scales has grams as an option we would recommend using that. Since grams are so much smaller than ounces you end up with nicer numbers ( 5 grams/hr instead of .16 ounces/hr. ).
  • Although one burn cycle (four hours) will give you a fairly accurate hourly burn rate numerous cycles (three or four) will produce a much more accurate number. The first burn cycle is always a little off because the wick is not yet completely saturated with wax, color, and fragrance.

If this is too complicated for you, or your just to busy, then try the burn time calculator at

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Soap Design

I call this design blue moon. It has a very sexy yet subtle man scent with hints of peppermint. Made with both cold process and glycerin soap this is sure you please the man in your life.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bath Bomb Mold & Soap Ball Mold

I needed a new bath bomb mold, because mines always busts from excessive use. So I searched long and hard and came across this tool, it's actually a snowball maker. How cool is that? I went and purchased one because it was so cheap and figured if it didn't work out I would find another use for it. It makes 4 inch bath bombs, and the best part of it all it has other uses too. It also makes perfect soap balls from my cold process, or hot process soaps (make sure that you don't insulate your soap and that it doesn't go through the gel phase to make it easier). I also used it to make soap on a rope, by adding cold process soap, and just letting the rope hang out while pressing down on the handles to form the shape, you instantly have soap on the rope. It's one tool with many uses, and its cheap who can beat that?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TKB Trading rocks, I love all of my new colors.

I finally got all of the new colors I ordered from TKB Trading. I 'm so excited I can hardly contain myself, lol. I have so many new ideas for beautiful soaps, and have been waiting a while to get these colors because they had to be shipped to Dubai.