Friday, October 1, 2010

Spooky Cutout Soaps - Project Idea from Life of the Party

I've recently signed up for news letters from, and i'm sure glad I did. I just received this tutorial on how to make Spooky Cutout Soaps. This a great tutorial, I learned that you can mix equal drops of red, blue and yellow color and stir until you get a dark black (they recommend using 5 drops of each color). I always wondered how to get the color black in your soap, and now I know. Thanks Soap Place, keep up the great tutorials.

From Soap


  1. Super! Eine tolle Idee.

    liebe Grüße

  2. How do I make soap, wax or gel candles or other similar crafts?
    I have been searching on the internet for how to make candles or soap but it is not very clear what ingredients (wax, gel wax, glycerin) I need to use and where I can get them.

    Has anyone made candles or soap before?? I need to hear from someone who knows exactly where I can get the ingredients and a clear method for making them.

  3. You can find a lot of tutorials on You Tube. com. If you are looking for something specific I'm pretty sure you can find it there. Good Luck.