Friday, October 1, 2010

You Could Win 10 Pounds of Soap

That's right has a contest going on right now. Submit your project to them, and you can be featured on there site, and win 10 pounds of soap. Now that comes with some serious bragging rights. I already know which project i'm going to submit, what are you going to do?

Check out how to enter, and contest rules.

Spooky Cutout Soaps - Project Idea from Life of the Party

I've recently signed up for news letters from, and i'm sure glad I did. I just received this tutorial on how to make Spooky Cutout Soaps. This a great tutorial, I learned that you can mix equal drops of red, blue and yellow color and stir until you get a dark black (they recommend using 5 drops of each color). I always wondered how to get the color black in your soap, and now I know. Thanks Soap Place, keep up the great tutorials.

From Soap

Get Creative People

I have been looking for this tool for a long time at Ikea. They have been out of stock forever, and they finally just got them in. PRODUKT Milk-frother sells for only $1.99 originally used to froth your milk for lattes, and cappuccinos, now has a even better use. KB Shimmer first used this milk frother to mix her mica's in the her soap, making the best swirled soap tutorial on the planet. Now that is some seriously creative thinking.

From Soap