Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wrapping Soap in Paper Tutorial

Another update, I am now being featured on SMF Tutorials. I'm so happy to be apart of such a great soapmakers site, it just made my day. Go check there site for more great soap tutorials.

New update I have been featured on Peacefully Folding. Thanks for the feature.

I was so inspired with my last post, that I decided to make my own wrapped soap in paper tutorial. I can't do fancy things with Adobe photoshop, like merge picture into a collage, but I am really creative. I think you will all love this tread because I recycle paper, and a gift bag that you would normally not find any other uses for.

I took some 12x12 scrapbook paper folded it, and cut it in half.
From Wrapping Soap

I then placed the paper aside, and began to wrap my soap like you would a present in wax paper. I tried wrapping the soap in paper without wax paper and it was impossible. The scrapbook paper could not stay put without the help of the wax paper to adhere to. Also the wax paper protects both the soap, and wrapping paper from being damaged.
From Wrapping Soap

I then place the wax wrapped soap on the scrapbook paper and begin to wrap it like you would a present.
From Wrapping Soap

From Wrapping Soap

Once finished it should look like this.
From Wrapping Soap

Now this is were you get creative. You take a pick of whatever ribbon you have, or go buy some really fancy stuff and begin to wrap it around the soap. I like to use thick ribbon because it hides all the scotch tape, creases and seams.
From Wrapping Soap

Once your done wrapping the ribbon around, secure it with some tape, or glue. Then add a sticker for some added detail.
From Wrapping Soap

Here is another example that I did with a different ribbon.
From Wrapping Soap

Now this was a gift bag, with beautiful ribbon handles that you saw earlier in one of my photos.
From Wrapping Soap

I simply took it a part at the seam, and spread it out like a sheet of paper. I trimmed the excess parts that were already creased because they could not be used. I used the same technique described earlier and wrapped the soap. I also used the handles that were ribbon around the soap, and to finish it off I used one of my sticker labels.
From Wrapping Soap

When you get creative the possibilities are endless. You can make many looks just by changing the paper and ribbon, two things that are very simple to do.
From Wrapping Soap

This one is a little bit cheesy, ha ha ha ha, but still cute.
From Wrapping Soap

Feel free to pass this along, and share it with friends and post it on your blog. Please link back to my site, and give me credit for the tutorial.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to wrap your soap with paper. Tutorial

I found a while back Creature Comforts tutorial for DIY Paper Wrapped Soaps. Since I have been playing with the idea on wrapping my soaps with paper, I thought it would be great to share this with everyone else.

D.I.Y. Paper Wrapped Soaps
From D.I.Y. Paper Wrapped Soaps

Packaging says so much about a product... and while we might all love the look of beautifully paper-wrapped soap (generally found in chic boutiques and swanky salons), not many of us want to spend a load of cash for one bar (pretty as it may be). So I've come up with a quick fix (others before me have probably done the same)... Easy D.I.Y. Paper Wrapped Soaps with free printable labels!

I put together this simple little tutorial with Mother's Day in mind, but you could utilize it any time. Be creative! I'm thinking favors for bridesmaids, housewarmings, baby showers, etc. Give just one beautifully wrapped bar alone, or a set of your favorites. Try tucking one inside a basket with other soothing items for a friend who needs a kind little pick-me-up. However you choose to make and use 'em... have fun!

For the free download, as well as written and photo directions...

From D.I.Y. Paper Wrapped Soaps

Project Time:
Around 15 minutes or less.

-Rectangular bar of soap
-Decorative paper
-Cutting tool
-Double sided tape - permanent strength.
-Ribbon (optional)
-Labels Download free-oval-round-labels.pdf


1. Purchase a bar (or more if you'd like) of your favorite soap. A bar of French milled soap,(such as the one I used) cost less than $4 at Trader Joe's (the packaging wasn't very cute, but it smells amazing). Select the decorative paper that you'd like. For this project I used papers from Martha Stewart's crafting paper... but you can use any piece that you like as long as it is big enough, and not too thick (or flimsy).

2. Measure your soap bar: Length, width, and height. The length of your paper needs to equal 2 x width + 2 x height + an extra two inches or more of excess (you can trim or tuck it later if needed). The width of your paper will equal 1 x width + 2 x height.

3. Cut your paper to the correct size. You can use scissors, a craft knife, paper cutter... whichever is easiest for you.

4. Place your bar in the center of your prepared paper and begin creasing around it where each measurement falls (it's easiest to start with the two longest sides (as shown). This process will create nice sharp lines for you to work with and will give your finished package a really clean professional look. Feel free to move the bar if it gets in your way.

5. Once you have all your edges creased, place your bar back in the center (now you have a little grid to follow, courtesy of your crease work). Note how the excess paper folds over one side of your bar (see image), and also to the under side of the end flap (this will give a nice seamless edge when closed). Seal your package closed with double sided tape.

6. Fold in your end flaps as shown in the photo (just like wrapping a present) and seal closed with double sided tape. Be sure that your flaps close towards the bottom side (the side you just closed in the previous step).

7. Once all sides are secured, print out the free labels I created for this project (there are 9 labels in three colors - grey, aqua, and peach)...I left them blank so that you can write your own message. Wrap a band of complimentary ribbon around your bar and affix with double sided tape and then do the same with your label.

8. All done! You did it!

Please feel free to pass this project along to your friends, family, and/or blog readers. Share the love!

Monday, January 18, 2010


The pictures speak for themselves. It was beautiful, and we had so much fun there. It has been a while since we took a family vacation, and I'm really glad we did.

New Years Eve 2009

We were invited to a new Years Eve's Party at the Malaysian Petroleum Club. I actually didn't want to go because we had a flight to catch that morning to Bali. Ramsey forced me to go, and I'm glad he did. The Malaysian Petroleum Club was on the 42nd floor, next to the famous Petronas Twin Towers Sky Bridge. The view was amazing, and we had the best seats in the house to watch the fireworks. We sat on the table with many other ExxonMobil employees, that we never met before. It's always nice getting to know new people. They had two really good bands playing that night, and the food was great. The party finally ended and we went home exhausted. We rushed to bed because we knew we only have 4 hours to sleep before we got up to go the airport the next day.

Christmas Brunch

We don't celebrate Christmas, but I do participate in eating brunch with friends. We went to the Westin Hotel at Bukit Bintang and ate in the Prego restaurant, and it was so amazing. The best food, all Italian inspired, all you can eat, all day long. Were so full we couldn't even think about eating dinner that night. I honestly can't wait to do it next year, but this time I will prepare myself for the amazing food we will eat by fasting the day before so I don't feel guilty pigging out.

Zidan and friends

Boy I'm seriously backed up on blogging, and posting photos. Here is a random album of Zidan with his friends.

Swirling with the best

I want to thank all my readers for stopping by every month and checking out what I'm doing. So I wanted to post a tutorial about swirling with the best in the soaping world, but that would take all night. So I would be glad to share with anyone who is interested. Please email me and I will send you a copy of the tutorial and feel free to share it with everyone. Thanks again for being so great.

A book every soapmaker should have.

I just purchased The Aromatherapy Encyclopedia and it's exactly the kind of book I was looking for. It has detailed information about 385 plant oils, there origin, history, and practical uses. It also has documented properties for some of the oils, and the best method for use. It even has a chapter on vegetable oils, butter, and waxes. Both writers Carol, and David Schiller are recognized experts with over 5 internationally published books on the use of essential oils.

If your a soapmaker you will really appreciate this book, I can't live without it.