Monday, March 2, 2009

??????FREE SOAP??????

I hate rebatching, but what I hate even more is wasting anything, especially soap. So I made this and I think it turned out pretty nice. It has many scents including my classic favorite vanilla. my problem is I don't know what to call this soap, hence the question marks. Help me name this creation and if I pick your name I will mail you a free bar of soap.

Thanks Everyone

From Soap


  1. it's almost midnight and my mind is not at its best. what about chequila-vanilla or ooh-la-la vanilla or viva vanilla? :) Good luck and i hope it is not too late to congratulate you on your newborn!

  2. Serendipity
    Vanilla Bliss
    Sweet Granite
    Mother Earth
    Peace & Love
    Naturally Sweet
    Sweet & Natural
    Earth Bliss
    Love Child

  3. hello! i hope im not too late to submit my suggestion... my hubby is a concrete finisher, and i have to say this looks to me like aggregate! thats what hubby calls the concrete when it's embedded with pebbles. so there's my contribution- but what i really wanna make sure i tell you is that your tutorials are terrific! especially the 6 color swirl! amazing, ive always wondered how it was done. thanks so much! where can i see the finished product?? best wishes to you! christine