Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My First Quilt

This is my first quilt, and probably my last quilt. ha ha ha ha ha ha. It took forever to complete because the pattern was very difficult for me to do as a newbie. The quilting school made us make this pattern to teach us the most important techniques in quilting. It was a very fun, but long experience, but I think I might do it again. This time I will try to make a quilt that is a lot more easier, like a bunch of squares, or lines. I will be able to complete a project faster this way, and will not get frustrated in the process. This will encourage me to make more quilts as time goes on.


  1. oh my god! this is great! i cant believe u made that! im jealous! u must post this on craftster

  2. Hi, where did you have your classes? I'm currently looking for quilting classes in KL. Thanks!

  3. I had my class at The Cottage Patch across the street from Ampang Point. Good Luck.