Monday, October 20, 2008

Steamed Curry Chicken and Veggies

I borrowed Sheryl's steamer today because she raved how easy it was to make really delicious meals with this machine. I was very shocked to see how moist the chicken and veggies were, and they tasted great. All I did was coat the chicken, onions, and garlic in olive oil, curry powder, and a little salt. Then I placed that mixture on the top rack of the steamer. I coated the potatoes, and veggies the same way and placed them in a separate compartments in the steamer. One side I put all the green veggies, and the other side I put the potatoes. In thirty minutes it was all done, it was so easy. I seriously doubted that this would turn out good, or even edible so I had pizza as a back up dinner. Turned out great, and the kids still ate the pizza.


  1. They have a steamer here that I saw but I have nooo space. I think the steamer is basically the modern way of the old school pressure cooker which I have. We have two of them. That's how you make tagine. =)

  2. Steamer is easier to clean, and it has a timer. So I don't have to remember to turn it off, she shuts off automatically, and goes into warming mode. So it keeps the food hot till your ready to eat.