Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quilting Class 101

Oh were do I begin......First lets start by saying that Ramsey forced me to take this class, because he thinks my soap making is a useless hobby. He also thought that for some reason I would be a great quilter, because I am creative. I have always wanted to learn how to sew, but never had the time to learn, or take classes. It is very hard making soap in Malaysia, because the most important items that I need to make soap can't be brought here. I have to order them from the U.S. and ship them to Kuala Lumpur. So I thought why not try some new craft that can be done overseas with a lot of ease. I will still continue to make soap, and ship my items here, but try other things as well.

So today we started at 10 am sharp, and of coarse we were so excited. We all had to wash, dry, and iron our fabrics before we started the class. So today we started by making templates in order to cut our fabrics. Making templates is very hard, and I have learned to just buy them, it makes quilting go a lot faster. After we were done with the templates we started cutting the fabric, this was loads of fun, but it also took a bit of time to get it done right. You have to make sure you measure correctly or you will need to buy more fabric if you make mistakes. After that we started to piece some of our patches. They had us start on the rounded pieces, and had us hand sew them. This pretty much took the rest of the class to complete, and we had o finish it at home to be ready for our next class.

If you ask me this class was not a Quilting 101, but an advanced class with all techniques wrapped up into one class. They basically gave us a pattern that we had to follow for our first project. This had many shapes, and styles for us to learn to cut and sew together. It is very hard work but, it is starting to look like a quilt now.

We have our next class on Thursday, so stay tuned for more progress.....


  1. Hi there, could you tell me where you had your classes? I'm looking for quilting class in Kl right now. Thanks

  2. There is a place in Ampang called The Cottage Patch, it is right across the street from Ampang Point. They have great classes, and great materials, and supplies. There are other places you can go to as well if you want more information please email me at Magdoline.Hammad(at) Good Luck